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🎥 6 FILMMAKING Books You Need to Read First (2018)

By March 28, 2018Videomaking

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The 6 filmmaking books you need to read first (2018)

1. Save the Cat – Blake Syder
– Master the BEAT SHEET
-Techniques to sell your script

2. Story – Robert McKee
-Story structure
-Fun charts and graphs

3. The Writer’s Journey – Christopher Vogler
– narrative structures and character archetypes through
mythological allegory

4. The Film Director’s Intuition: Script Analysis and Rehearsal Technique – Judith Weston
-script analysis and rehearsal.
-AKA The link between Actors and Directors

5. Clearance and Copyright – Michael Donaldson
-Did you know Bed Sheets are ART?!
-Protect yourself and your work from disastrous legal actions

6.The BIZ – Schuyler Moore
-The Basic Business, Legal and Financial Aspects of the Film
-Dozens of sample forms and agreements.


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