Hi, I’m Gabe Michael.
create videos and produce shows that get millions of views and drive millions in revenue.

“You know his work because it is the stuff that permeates YouTube lore.”

– New Rockstars

Gabe Michael is a Director, Producer, Strategist, and Showrunner that specializes in creating digital series, sharable video content and branded entertainment programs. Recently he served as the executive producer and creative director of Forge Apollo, the video content agency.

Prior to Forge Apollo, Gabe was a producer at Break Media (now Defy Media) and a producer for former YouTube multi-channel network Maker Studios, where he oversaw the popular Epic Rap Battles vertical.

Praised by New Media Rockstars as having been “involved with just about every established YouTube happening on Earth lately,” Gabe’s shows and videos have amassed over 446 million views and counting. Gabe holds an MFA from UCLA’s Producers Program and an undergraduate degree in Film & Electronic Art from Cal State Long Beach.

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March 22, 2018

💸 Director vs Producer | What does a Producer do? 💸

What does a producer do? A producer turns the lights on and turns the lights off of a project. – Myrl Schriebman Pre-production Find material for the project or write…

March 14, 2018

What Does A Film Director Do? 🎬

In todays video I answer the question, “What Does A Film Director Do?” If you want to be a director be ready to: -have exceptional artistic vision and creative skills…

March 7, 2018


Key Takeaways: -Directing commercials isn’t selling out -Ridley Scott and David Fincher did hundreds of commercials before they ever directed a feature film. -Its keeps you sharp and continually practicing…