Find a Dope Filming Location on a Budget


Thanks for watching me fart around on set in downtown Los Angeles.

If you don’t know me, you should. I’ve created (director/ producer) a ton of different types of videos you have probably seen all over youtube on other creator’s channels.

Recently I fell in love with the vlogger format thanks to Casey Neistat (+ other Vloggers) and his theory of making a movie of your life every day. I too want to chronical my journey as a filmmaker and would love it if you would subscribe!

Special thanks to the entire Forge Apollo Videoworks crew and our amazing interns!

You can watch the video we made today in August 2017!

Today’s camera was the Sony A7sii

Recently, I made this video with Brian Baumgartner and Flula. Check it out! All or Nothing – Touchdown Celebration Rules

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