My First Film Sucked! (and I’m glad it did)

Why my first film SUCKED and why I’m happy it did:

I got into this business by having fun with my parents camera with my friends. We did hours of work because it was fun, not because we wanted to be artists or even tell great stories.  As our knowledge of filmmaking grew we started wanting to make them better and better. As we grew we sought better education on what other filmmakers have done, their advice, how they did it, etc.  

A lot if these first few videos were really funny and I wish youtube was as big as it was to day back then, but when I sat down and really wanted to make a FILM it turned out it sucked.

For the longest time I blamed it on many factors like

  • I wasn’t assigned a good DP for my project by my professor
  • I was limited by budget
  • My actors didn’t bring it
  • Our telecine tech hated our film class and didn’t frame up any of the frames correctly.  

All of these were excuses and it took me a year to figure out the real realization: My first film Sucked and it was all my fault.

I should have not been so ambitious with my project knowing that there were so many moving parts with unqualified people on the crew. I should have worked longer with the actors or ran my casting sessions longer until I found the right person. I could have applied for numerous grants if I took the time to do so.

Because i have a growth mindset (Fixed mind set vrs) I used this massive failing to grow as a person and artist.  I continue to learn on every set and project I produce or direct.

There is always something that goes wrong for various reasons, but knowing that if it’s your project all the fault and blame can only be on you, you free yourself to learn and do better on the next one.

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