Google Pixel XL Camera Review: Two Months Later (2017)

By September 23, 2017Filmmaker Journey, Videomaking

Watch “Philadelphia, You’re Lit From Within” here!

If you don’t know me, you should. I’ve created (director/ producer) a ton of different types of videos you have probably seen all over youtube on other creator’s channels.

Recently I fell in love with the vlogger format thanks to Casey Neistat (+ other Vloggers) and his theory of making a movie of your life every day. I too want to chronicle my journey as a filmmaker and would love it if you would subscribe!

All images in today’s vlog were shot on the Google Pixel XL in September of 2017. To test the camera I made a short film (linked above). This camera review is completely based on my experience creating three videos with the footage from the smartphone.

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Want to see more scientific tests of the Google Pixel XL? Check out John Harvey’s channel here.

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