How to make a DOPE animated video in 48 hours

By January 24, 2018 Videomaking

Here’s how I made the Trophy Smack Animated Video:

To make this awesome animated video I first started out by hiring awesome VO actors and laid down the select takes into the premiere timeline. I then wanted to work on the timing of the piece and brought in the background and still photos to create my shots. I quickly laid the photo in and adjusted the size of the character to simulate different shots.

Being able to visually see the potential shots let me further visualize the piece in my head and let me slowly add in other background elements like a table, tv, picture frame, etc as needed. I then added in music, sound effects and did a quick mix to better see the timing of the animation I was going to have to do soon. Once all these pieces were in place I played the vo with these simple visuals over and over and over again, adjusting the timing of the vo and the length of each shot.

Then once we thought the timing was perfect the real work began. I imported all the footage into adobe after effects and then organized all the layers into individual pre-comps or “shots.” I then used the camera tool to create the camera movements and timed the individual character layers for animation in the shot.

Once everything looked good and was timed perfectly I moved on to the mouth animation of the characters. For this i used a plug in called auto lip sync from mamoworld. This plug in takes a while to get the hang of it so I’d suggest starting on a shot with limited animation until you get it right.

It does take a while to render the preview, but it works great once it renders. I’d suggest making sure you move all your ram resources to after effects and close other programs when you are doing it. Once I get the mouth movements right and make sure that the individual shot is done I export from after effect as a PNG sequence for the best possible quality. I then go on to create and animate every other shot I need to make this a DOPE animated video.

After each export I bring the png sequence back into premiere and replace the original clip of the story boarded shot. I again adjust the timing and make small cuts accordingly. I go back and add in more sound effects to flush it out and do a final sound mix. The very last step is to add some film grain at a very low opacity to give it a consistent look.

Get Auto Lip Sync here:

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