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In a retrofuturistic world, where the only jobs are consuming and creating content, a failing artist falls for the woman from the TV after receiving secret messages.

How We Made Midnight Television

The world of Midnight Television combines nostalgia of 1980s, the days of emerging tech and internet of the 1990s and hollowing loneliness of the internet culture of today. Our hero, Asher, sits at the epicenter of all three batteling for future that was seemingly promised, but never came to be.


A Sci-Fi Short Film by GABE MICHAEL


Jacob Zukowski as ASHER

Dana Kippel as CHARLEE

Written, Directed and Edited by Gabe Michael
Produced by Gabe Michael and Alex Rodriguez
Director of Photography – Alex Rodriguez
1st AC – Michael Blue
Gaffer – Tristan Savage-Tate
1st AC – Ryan Magrish
Gaffer – Jeff Carolan
Production Coordinator – Madeline Gonzales
Production Assistant – Giovan Michael
Color – Alex Rodriguez
Effects and Motion Graphics – Gabe Michael
Choreography – Madeline Gonzales
Lighting and Grip – Cypher Blu
Production Company – Production M


Adobe Creative Residency Community
Austin Keller of Cypher Blu
Tristan Savage-Tate
Alex Rodriguez